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Lobbyist need ten minutes and three pages to make me understand a problem, my aides take three days and lots of paperwork

J.F. Kennedy

About us

Principles & Values

Principles & Values

Our clients' success is also our own. Growing their business is a firm commitment that starts with the needs of the individual client and revolves around a solid and transparent relationship. Each client is unique, like the solutions we build for him/her. This is our philosophy, because a meticulous understanding of needs and planning of customized activities for the future can arise only through direct and constant dialogue.

How Different We Are

How Different We Are

The legal market is experiencing a phase of continuous evolution, as is the role of the Advisor. Clients want to rely on professionals who not only guarantee accuracy and meticulousness, but also offer innovative and creative solutions. In this context, solutions are combined with vision, success with dedication and method with passion. The result is what we call the "CDG Experience".

About Us & How We Work

About Us & How We Work

We are a public affairs and lobbying firm with an in-house law firm for government relations, lobbying Italian and European institutions. Our hallmark has always been and continues to be high quality legal work, conducted by well-trained lawyers who are tenaciously dedicated to their clients.

Our Expertise

Our Expertise

We help companies and organizations engage in dialogue with public decision-makers and regulators by thoroughly examining the opportunities and risks associated with their business plans and decisions. We therefore support our clients in gaining the right confidence in how to change a law and how to do it.

Tailor Made

Tailor Made

At CDG Law & Business, we offer our legal knowledge at your service in a practical manner. We know that in order to provide the best value to you, we must first provide customized solutions tailored to your needs.

Global Coverage

Global Coverage

Each action we take is based on providing dedicated service, with the most in-depth knowledge and experience for each particular client need, whether it be a matter or transaction that can be resolved quickly, or a complex transaction including international, involving a wide range of legal services.


Public Affairs & Lobbying

Our lobbying and legislative consulting actions are aimed at representing the interests of our clients towards public decision-makers, with the intention of influencing their opinions and choices. In this manner, we influence the public decision-making process in favor of the legitimate interest that is represented and protected.

Political Marketing

We work to build clear and convincing political messages, to improve the communication style of the candidate or individual political organization, to help them reach their audience of potential voters. In fact, in the changing political scenario, the key to success passes more and more through the creation of a direct relationship with public opinion.

Legal Advisory

The continuous transformation of society requires individuals, business and non-profit organizations to confront laws governing daily life every day. We are at their side both in the simplest things and in the most complex ones, to support them every day in carrying on their work.

Wealth Management and Family Business

We help clients in the protection of family assets and in the generational transition of family businesses, through the use of the most traditional and innovative tools, such as trusts. We take care of the “After Us”, helping people with disabilities to live a dignified life when they remain alone.

Fiduciary Services

We assist individuals, fiduciaries, trust companies and family offices in relation to the performance of traditional and specialized fiduciary services, for the drafting of trust deeds and fiduciary agreements in the family, corporate and financial fields. We also act as escrow agents for movable and real estate transactions, including art assets.

SME listing on the AIM market

AIM Italia is the market of Borsa Italiana designed for ambitious SMEs, looking for capital to finance their growth. We take care of the legal due diligence of the admission document. We inform the directors of their responsibilities and assist the Nomad in evaluation of critical issues that emerge from due diligence.

Strategy Consulting

We help our clients build effective organizations, innovate, grow and reduce costs. We support companies in designing, managing and implementing positive and beneficial change.


Today's business knows no boundaries. Global products and services travel to equally global markets. We help entrepreneurs who want to invest abroad in drafting international contracts, to conduct business without surprises.


European Union

We are registered in the Transparency Register under ID number 863671340126-94. The system is managed jointly by the European Parliament and the European Commission.

Chamber of Deputies

We specialize in the professional representation of third party interests and registered in the Register of Interest Representatives of the Chamber of Deputies.

Ministry of Economic Development

We are registered in the Transparency Register under the identification number 2020-46462568-13.



Via Sistina, 121 - 00187 Roma

+39 06 4781 8419 - 06 4781 8420

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